Hair DIY ( do it yourself)

Since I am showing off my hair I have been trying out easy breezy DIY (do it yourself) hair styles. If you do not want to spend money to get your hair done or just want something that is cute ,quick ,and easy breezy to do to fix your messing hair Here is some easy breezy DIY’s.



The headband bun
This hair style is so easy to do, I have done it myself and it took me less then five minutes to do. All you need for this hairdo is a stretch headband. You can have a bang with this hairdo or just have your hair pull back. All you need to do is place the headband on your head and tuck the back part of your hair over the headband. This hairdo will look nice with dangling earrings or stud earrings. I like this hair style because it is very easy to do, it’s nice, and I love how the hair looks from the back view. If you are interested in this DIY here is the link.


The Bow Bun
This is the hair style that pop singer Lady GaGa made very popular all over the world when she was reaching stardom. This hairdo takes less than ten minutes to do but if you have long hair it might take a little bit longer to do. I had tried to do this hairdo myself and I had an hard time because I have long curly, frizzy hair but if you have patience’s to follow the steps the finish look will look flawless. For this hair style all you need in a rubber band and hair pins and hair spray is optional if you need to add some shine to your hair. I think this hair style will look nice if you are dressing causal and with big hoop earrings. If you are interested in this DIY here is the link.


Twist and Pin up do (for curly hair)
If you have super curly long hair and looking for a nice up do then this is the DIY for you. For this DIY all you need is hair pins and practice. You can have a side bang or have all you hair pull back for this hairdo. This DIY might take ten to twenty minutes to do and soon I will try this hairdo myself. This hairdo will look nice with the boho hippie look. This hairstyle will look nice with big hoop and dangling earrings. If you are interested in this DIY here is the link.


Braided do
If you are looking for an easy hairstyle to do with little bit of volume then this is the DIY is for you. All you need for this DIY is hair products that will add some volume to your hair, bobby pins, and a brush. If you do not have any spray to add volume you can use hair lotion and pin your hair just like the lady that is shown on the DIY it will look similar to what the hump in your hair should look like. If you are interested in this DIY here is the link.