BLOG reflection



So far I think I am doing an ok job on my blogs but I think there is some room for improvement. I had started writing blog on last year and stared writing blog on WordPress a few months ago so viewers can have easy access of my work. My blog is basically about random things such as DIYs and some what funny topics. I try to blog about things some people might be interested in so everyone can enjoy my blogs. I would like some of my viewers to make comments on blogs about what I need to work on and improve in some areas. I enjoy blogging but one thing I hate about it is it feels like a chore sometimes. My journalism teacher has the class and I write blogs for a grade and we have to have a certain amount of blogs posted on our blog website when its time to grade them. When it comes to blogging I like to work at my own paste because I like to have everything look nice and not rush. I cannot reach my teacher goal number of complete blogs for some reason. The reason why I write blogs beside it being class work is I enjoy writing about things that I am interested in and sharing my blogs with people that has the same interest as me all around the world. By viewers telling me what I need to work will really help me improve.