*New New* The Lucas Bros Moving CO


this how the Lucas brothers look like in real life

this how the Lucas brothers look like in real life

One night I was laying in bed trying to find something funny and interesting on TV. Moments later I saw two cartoon characters that was wearing snap back hats, hoodie jacket, black glasses, and had Rick Ross beards. I love how the cartoon characters look so I continued to watch the show. The name of the show I was watching is the “Lucas Bros Moving CO and it’s an animation comedy show. The Lucas Bros Moving CO is about the Lucas brothers running a moving company in Brooklyn, New York but rarely do any actual moving. It’s a fifteen minute show that is on FOX. The show comes on every Saturday at 11pm eastern and pacific time and 10pm central time. The cast members of the show are The Lucas brothers, Jerrod Carmichael, Natasha Leggero, and may more. So far six episodes were on air on Fox and episodes six and four is my favorite. Episode six is “Big head Mike” and it’s about a Michael Jordan bobble head that came to life in large size to replace a team member in the Lucas brother’s basketball team. My favorite part is when Big Head Mike put his pubic hairs on his face to create a beard so he can look like the Lucas brothers. My other favorite episode is episode four which is “Freedom Town.” Freedom town is about the Lucas brothers visits a town where fathers go to live in order to get away from their families. My favorite part of this episode is when the Lucas brothers found their father and later on in the show he left them so fast just like a blink of an eye and left them a note. I know it’s wrong to leave you’re child but to me it was funny because of the way the situation was play out. Also I like how the Lucas brothers named their street couch “Dwayne”. This show is funny and I give it two thumbs up.


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