*New* My Hijab short story ( I am not all about my hair)

Here is me with my hijab on

Here is me with my hijab on

By Capri M

I think I had started wearing a hijab at the age of twelve. A hijab is a head wrap that Muslim woman and girls wear to cover up their hair and dress modestly. My mother and step father made me wear it and I didn’t understand way at the time but I do now. When I was a child I use to try to make myself look pretty by covering my face with make-up and I use to think that my hair defines my beauty. During In the last six years while wearing my hijab I started to realize that my hair doesn’t defines my beauty or who I am as a person, I believe that your beauty comes from the inside that shows from the outside. I think my parents reason for making me wear the hijab besides my religion background is to help me realize that I am beautiful person inside and out and your hair doesn’t defines who you are and you can still be beautiful while dressing modestly. To be honest I really didn’t like wearing it at first because kids at school make fun of me and try to pull my hijab off my head during my middle school years. Over the years I started to enjoy wearing the hijab because I get to wear it in many different styles and different types of beautiful scarves (you can wrap a scarf into a hijab style). Over the years while wearing it I felt safe, I really cannot explain or understand way I felt that way. Wearing it’s not a bad thing and the reason why Muslim females wear it because it’s something that covers up her beauty and only show it and save herself to whomever she chose to get married to. Now I just started not wearing my hijab and I feel naked because am so use to wearing it in public. Some people didn’t realize who I was in till I started talking and told me how pretty my hair is. It’s funny how some people say “you look so pretty” when my hijab off but never ever compliment me when I had it on. My reaction to people reaction has me saying “it’s just hair”. I am about my hair because it’s just hair to me. Like I said before my hair doesn’t defines my beauty and who I am as a person to define how beautiful I am besides my looks.


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