Battle Of The Books


Here is an article I wrote in Journalism class. Enjoy.

Capri Magda
Staff writer

High Point, NC—Andrews High School students had competed in Battle Of The Books against different counties which was held at UNCG on March 14th.
The students that join Battle Of The Books are Karial Ret, D’Angela Hehderson, Nneka Anukwem, Kaylynn Gaither, Jewel Polard, and Jordan Smith. Brenda Little and Morgan Bailey are the coaches that help the students to be prepared for the competition. The Battle Of The Books is a state wide competition which students have the opportunity to compete against different counties. Students have to read 15 books and at least 30 questions have to be made for each book. According to Brenda Little this year’s competition was, “tough because it’s very hard to recruit students who want to participate. High School students are really busy. Work, jobs, and life take first priority.” Andrews high school was competing against Grimsley and Page and Andrews high school won 1st place in the competition. Battle Of The Books was held at UNCG and Andrews Battle Of The Book team had practice every Friday after school. Andrews won by Battle Of The Books team member Nneka Anukwem giving the correct answer to the last question in the competition.


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