By Capri Magda

Here is some DIYs(do it yourself) beauty and clothes tricks. Enjoy

If you are low on your favorite nail polish or it looks kind of sticky you can add a splash of nail polish remover. I had tried it on my favorite sticky sky blue nail polish and it really works. If you are the type of person who likes doing their own nails or just want to do something different you should try ombre manicure nail design. You can do this yourself and all you need is a makeup sponge or eyeshadow brushes, color and clear nail polish. If you are interested in this ombre manicure nail design here is the link.


Do you know that deodorant doesn’t just eliminate bad body odor it can also get rid of annoying razor bumps. It will leave your skin smooth and razor bump free if you apply the deodorant after shaving and drying off. Also honey can get rid of nasty razor bumps too just apply the honey after shaving and drying.


Vaseline is not just for moisturizing dry skin it can also moisturize dry hair and can be use to make cosmetics.
You can make mascara out of vaseline and eyeshadow along with making gel eyeliner. Here are the steps to make mascara and gel eyeliner.


If you have deep ugly wrinkles on your nice button up collar shirts and do not have an iron to get rid of them or don’t want to spend your money to take them to the cleaners you can get rid of the wrinkles by water. All you have to do is hang your shirt somewhere and splash or spray water on your shirt. Let it air dry for an hour and the wrinkles are gone. If you want to know other ways to get rid of wrinkles out of your shirts without an iron you can check out this link.


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