City of Angels: Glee Season 5, Episode 11

By Capri Magda


Last night episode had made me cry and left me feeling very upset at the end because this could be the last of glee club. I hope this would not be the last season of glee because there is no longer a glee club. As a fan of this show I am not ready for the club or the show to end, this episode had caught me off guard. Last night episode was about the trip to Nationals for the New Directions, honoring Finn (Cory Monteith), and the glee club will soon be canceled. If you don’t know who are the New Directions are they are the glee club and they are competing against the Throat Explosion and many other glee clubs. During nationals the New Directions perform a sweet tribute to Finn which made me cry because I miss him and loved him on Glee. This year nationals I was not hype like last year but my eyes were full of tears from the tribute to Finn and the New Directions won 2nd place. The New Directions was not happy about placing second because they wanted to win for Finn; I wish that they were not so hard on their self about being placing second. Carol and Burt were there to remind them that they didn’t let Finn down and they are winners who work very hard and had fun. Here comes the bad news, Sue tells Will that the glee club is over. I was very upset about this and I was not the only one. In New York City Kurt (Chris Colfer) freaks out and tells Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera) that the glee club is canceled. This episode makes me depress because of the situations that is going on. Before this season ends I hope Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera) become friends again and Sue has a change of heart or some miracle happens
that the glee club will not be cancel. I give this episode over five stars and episode 100 is when everyone returns to McKinley High. If you like drama and music you should watch Glee every Tuesday night at 8pm on FOX.


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