‘Glee’ season 5, episode 9 review:Race to Valedictorian and Adam Lambert returns


By Capri Magda

The awesome TV show Glee was on the air on Tuesday night with full of surprises and omg moments. I was kind of upset how the episode end because Rachel let fame ruined her friendship with Santana. I love the fact they where friends but I hope later on in the show they will become friends again. It all started when Santana wanted to become a star, she imagine her self being in Rachel place of being a star. So she made a big move to actually audition for “Funny Girl,” and even gets the role of understudy. That’s when the drama starts between Santana and Rachel that’s leads to Rachel slapping Santana in the face. Once I saw that I was like “OMG I did not know that she had it in her to do such a thing like that”, and I was surprise that Santana did not hit her back because Santana always have been a tough person. I think she did not hit Rachel back because she was shock of what she have done and hope that she did not mean it. At the end of the episode Rachel moves out of her apartment because Santana refuse to move out. I felt like someone had stomp on my heart when that happened and before Rachel left out the door she rip a picture in to pieces of her and Santana in front of her roommates and walk out. That broke my heart and I was about to cry because I dislike the fact how they let some play and fame come between their friendships. On the other hand Tina and Artie fought over Valedictorian honors at McKinley High school and Kurt decided to take some advice from Blaine and get close to Starchild. I was so excited to see Adam Lambert on the show and I give this show over five stars. If you like drama and music you should watch Glee every Tuesday night at 8pm on FOX.


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