This is a commentary

By Capri Magda

imagesCAG51JZLThis is a commentary is comedy YouTube show staring Tre Melvin. Basically this show is about reality in a comedy form and just making the audience laugh at hilarious scenarios. I found out about this show from a friend and she showed me a video clip of Ghetto Christmas Carols. This video was hilarious and I had to watch more of his video. I like it when he plays as a crazy, funny girl named Watermelondrea. My top three favorite videos are Ghetto Thanksgiving Dinner, I’m Pregnant, and Expectation vs. Reality. I give this show more then ten stars because this show is very funny and it feels like you are having a very good time while watching it. I had stay up all night with my eyes glued on to the computer screen watching this awesome show. This is the must see show on According to YouTube insight reports, This is a commentary is most popular in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Trinidad, Jamaica, Germany, Bahamas, Barbados, Sweden, and Netherlands. The show has over 100 episodes and three seasons. The channel has over 1 million subscribers. You can watch This is a commentary on or check out his awesome blog at


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