DIY (do it your self)

By Capri Magda

One of the things I enjoy doing during my free time is DIY projects such as turning over size t-shirts into something awesome, unique and simple make up styles, and tricks. I use recyclable materials for the DIY’s projects I have done and doing DIY‘s can help you save money. If you have old t-shirts and don’t know what to do with them do not throw them away. You can recycle the t-shirts by turning them into bags, fitting stylish shirts, bracelets, scarves, dresses, and many more things. Recently I have done DIY fringe t-shirt bag which requires no sewing and it’s very, very easy to make. All you need is an oversize t-shirt, ruler, maker or chalk, and scissors. The ruler can help you measure the strips and the marker or what ever you prefer to write with can help you mark your measurements. If you would like to do this DIY you can found the steps on and there are also awesome DIY projects for purses on
I love DIY project tricks such as how to stretch out your too-tight shoes and t-shirts. If you have a pair of shoes that really would like to wear but they are too tight, you can stretch them by doing the blow dryer or ice method. I have tried the blow dryer method and it really works. I had brought me a pair of Adidas sneakers and it was a little bit too tight because I have wide feet. I had to get these shoes because they were the only ones I could find in the store that was in my favorite color (black) and on sale, so I google my problem and found an easy DIY to solve my problem. If you want to know the steps to stretching your shoes by using the blow dryer method go to
This method works on heels and sneakers. If you would like to try the ice method to stretch your shoes you can find the steps on
This website shows many ways of how to stretch your shoes. If you want to know how to stretch a small t -shirt you can find the steps on also check out these awesome DIY t-shirt projects on and


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